Play Copied Wii Games with a $3 Hack – No Mod Chip Needed

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The following content is provided for information only. Circumvention of copy-protection for any purposes can be considered illegal in some Countries.

Check out this Wii mod that doesn’t need a mod chip!
Video after the jump.

“A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is a parallel port cable soldered to the drive board. The cable costs under 3 dollars to make.”

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Comment on March 4th, 2007.

that’s cool, but how do yu do it???


Comment on March 4th, 2007.

I don’t think the code and method have been released yet.


Comment on March 6th, 2007.

Well this is how it works, after he put the copy of red steel in he zoomed in on the monitor. meanwhile someone else put a real red steel disk in.


Comment on March 6th, 2007.

Well this is how it works, after he put the copy of red steel in he zoomed in on the monitor. meanwhile someone else put a real red steel disk in .


Comment on March 8th, 2007.

If this is another fake, people really have no lives and are wasting other people’s time, but what do i know? it looks good though hopefully its the real deal


Comment on March 9th, 2007.

there is another wii is under the desk.


Comment on March 10th, 2007.

I need to know how can i make this to my wii. reply to this please

Joe Bloggs

Comment on March 16th, 2007.

Why does everyone there there are two wii’s!? omg how slack are you people. Someone creates a piece of software to test backups on and all you can say is ‘there are two wiis’ or ‘someone took the disc out and put the real on in’ its pathetic! how about you think and maybe IT REALLY DOES WORK. stop being so slack and try and support it!

Creed Diskenth

Comment on March 18th, 2007.

A pillar cannot stand if it’s unstable.
You don’t want to stand on top of an unstable pillar, do you?

I prefer videos that have a clear picture, with no room for doubt.
You’re so gullible that I bet I could sell you your own shirt.


Comment on March 20th, 2007.

how much?


Comment on March 20th, 2007.

Hey Ash,

I am thinking about $3.00 🙂


Comment on March 21st, 2007.

how can i gat that cable in the pc shop and whats the name of it


Comment on March 22nd, 2007.

ye rite load of crap if u ask me wasting ur time bros


Comment on March 24th, 2007.

erm this is real, havent u heard of WABMODCHEAP!??! its program that runs off your pc you create your own homemade Parralel port which you solder on to the Wii’s drive board its cheaper than a modchip but if you dont wanna open up your wii to play backups then…. TOUGH

steve smith

Comment on April 8th, 2007.

i like loo rolls


Comment on February 17th, 2008.

where can i buy backups of the games I own !! please let me know if anyone sells these, i cant make my own but wuld buy back us. only of the games i own already!!


Comment on March 4th, 2008.

hi my name is bob and um how do you burn downloaded wii games or copy other wii games without a modchip.

Can you do it???


Comment on March 4th, 2008.

No way to do that Bob…


Comment on July 30th, 2008.

Omg, ‘video no longer available’!

Why did the guys put it on YouTube and not on some kind of server that doesn’t care about what’s on it… 🙁


Comment on August 7th, 2008.

So true, If you find the video in another location be sure to let me know so I can link to it.


Comment on August 24th, 2008.

please I wanna see the video :-(!!!!

FBI - Anti Fraud Dept

Comment on October 17th, 2008.

It’s a scam!
I have search over a 1000 sites (thats right over ONE THOUSAND SITES) to find a solution that does not involve a mod chip free solution, and every single solution presented has been a fake! They all have one thing in common, they never really tell you how its done (whcih generally means it can’t be done), whereas the solutions which do involve the installation of a mod chip pretty much always have info on how to install the chip.

So, you two options:
(1) install a mod chip (and possibly bugg3r up your wii if you don’t know what you’re doing)
(2) buy original games

Also, on a side note…Nintendo have said that the next release of wii will not be chip-able. Apparently they have worked out how to make it crack proof (I reckon it’ll only be a matter of time before someone cracks that too!). Also, they are upgrading the proprietary code they use to encode the all games so that the new wii consols will need somekind of code from the proprietary code for the game to load (thats right, although the likes of Ubisoft write the games, its Nintendo that actually burns the discs for Ubisoft, using their own proprietary system). Check the Nintendo site for more info, but I think the days of (virtually) free games are coming to an end pretty soon!


Comment on October 25th, 2008.

In reply to the above comment… it has now been done, we can play “backup” wii games on a non modded wii, via a “Wii backup launcher” app, that runs via the homebrew channel.

It’s not easy, and requires a lot of fiddleing around, but it works pretty damn well.

See here for more info:

And as for the next gen of Wii’s being “unchippable” thats not entirly correct. The circuitry has been changed, so that the current chips won’t fit… but by soldering a few wires in place, it’s still fairly easy to get around.


Comment on November 23rd, 2008.

Has anyone in here tried GameCopy Pro?
If so, is there any luck with backing up your games and playing them on your counsel as stated by the comments?

Homebrew on Wii

Comment on December 5th, 2008.

Game Cop Pro is GREAT for backing up games, however you still need to mod your system to play them. There is software called HomebreWare which has JUST come out that allows you to download a few files from the net, load them on your Wii SD memory card, and that’s it. It will mod your console and is compatible with the latest ver 3.4 system update.


Comment on December 10th, 2008.



Comment on December 10th, 2008.


The Lord

Comment on December 19th, 2008.

how dumb, there are easier ways to play downloaded games without soldering, its just not revealed…

if u search well, the answers will be in the most unexpected place, the way i found it….

Lemme give u a clue, hmmm…… disc..
try to figure it out 😉


Comment on December 25th, 2008.

It doesn’t matter if they change the MB a WII is still easier to mod then a PS2 that required a shit load of wires to be soldered in some insane places with no margin for errors.

they have however encompassed the chip in a epoxy solution , so it may be a bit harder to solder but it’s not impossible.

Homebrew on Wii

Comment on December 27th, 2008.

This method no longer works. You need to do the Wii Homebrew Hack!

Wii Unlock Hack

Comment on October 19th, 2009.

The ONLY way to copy Wii games and play them WITHOUT a mod chip is to use the New Wii Unlock Hack. This works on ALL Wii’s, including the new 4.2 update. Will allow you to play copied and import games, plus DVD’s, without a mod chip!


Comment on November 3rd, 2009.

ive downloaded smackdown vs raw 2110 on my computer now i need to encoded it and put it on disk how do i do it

Copy wii games

Comment on January 23rd, 2010.

Now you can backup wii games without a modchip and save your game collection


Comment on March 7th, 2010.

it luks 0k like

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