N64 in a Wii Case

Categories: Funny, Wii Console Hack.

It has been sold but you would be able to duplicate the results of this mod with a bit of effort. I wouldn’t recommend you do this to make a profit though since the mod sold on Ebay for only $157.50.

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“This is a Nintendo 64 in a Wii case, very different, but it was done, and in all works! it is a Wii case that has been modified to fit a n64 inside, and function perfectly well! There is a power on switch that was a xbox 360 left trigger, that was modified to be a switch! there is no reset button, but that is not even needed anyways.”

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Comment on April 22nd, 2019.

It was wrapped in a layer of red bricks on the outside of the original 40-year-old house, and the roof was covered with colored steel plates. “The window and the door are finished, and the house doesn’t matter.”


Comment on April 24th, 2019.

One such artifact is the mythical Apple shoe – a white tennis/walking sneaker that was originally created as a promotional item when the company launched its first color desktop computer.

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