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Another open source mod chip for the Wii, this one is called Chiip.

“Chiip is yet another modchip for the Nintendo Wii. The difference between Chiip and the other Wii modchips currently available is the fact that you can build it yourself.

It works because a single microcontroller is all the current Wii modchips need – the Wiinja is a perfect example, but the other current modchips are very similar in fact.

Building Chiip is a two-step procedure:

* The first step is building a small device that allows uploading firmware to a microcontroller, by connecting it to a PC.
Building this device took me 0.94 € and about 2/3 of all the work, but it’s a device that you can reuse for a whole number of cool things. (Just search the web for projects using a microcontroller, and you should soon get an idea of how many cool things you can do with it). You will also update the firmware with this device.
I’m planning to release more cool-things-to-do-with-a-cheap-microcontroller projects myself every now and then, like interfacing other kinds of controllers to a Wii, and maybe similar modchips for other video game consoles too.
* The second step is building the modchip itself.
The bare minimum to build a single working modchip may take just about 1.70 € and no soldering at all, but even with the optional stuff (like a socket for updating the chip and a status LED) it took me just 2.38 €.”

“How hard is building it?

The short answer is: If you can install any of the current Wii modchips, you’ll be able to build and install Chiip too.

The more detailed answer is:
Building Chiip and the programmer is easy. You’ll need to do some soldering, but everyone who ever used a soldering iron you should be able to do it.

Installing any Wii modchip on the other hand is a bit harder. You have to be quite precise when soldering, or you might just mess it all up. Of course the Quicksolder modchip producers will try to tell you something different, but I have experienced that Quicksolder chips do not really solve that problem; they just take less time to install (That’s why they’re called Quicksolder not Easysolder I guess 😉 ).”

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Comment on March 9th, 2007.

Quicksolder not Easysolder; I really like this one 🙂

Tom Horton

Comment on March 17th, 2007.

I would like to know if anyone has try the Quicksolder boad and did it work. Do you just copy the wii games using record now?


Comment on March 19th, 2007.

Hi Tom,

It would be best co contact the creator of the device, I would just be making an educated guess…

(Click on the link under the article)


Comment on November 28th, 2007.

I have very little soldering experience and had none before modding my wii with the quick solder method. It was not easy by any means I highly Highly recommend praciticng on an old computer or some thing because the points are quite small. To answer Tom’s question I do burn my own games ive downloaded and its fantastic.


Comment on December 11th, 2007.

Can you update metriod 3 and will it work


Comment on May 16th, 2008.

you do know there are soiderless options like wilp where you just plug the chip into it and snap it on the wiis cd rom bios and reassemble the wii and your done


Comment on May 16th, 2008.

almost forgot theres a soiderless adaptor for wiikey and all the other non pic mods to just google soiderless wii chip hope this help you ppl that dont want to soilder your wee or wii lol

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