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Wii Weight Loss Plan

Get in shape with the Wii. “Hi, I’m J. R. and I like to play with my Wii. Now that we have that joke out the way, I want to describe what I am trying to do here on this … Continue reading

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Tools to open a Wii

Here is all you need to crack open lots of things, like the Wii. “There’s nothing like a nice set of screwdrivers to make a person feel special, and the only thing better than an array of differently sized Phillips-head … Continue reading

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Free Flash Games You Need to Play on Wii

You can buy vintage games to play on the Wii but here is a collection of 10 cool games that can be played with the Wii online for free. Link and some game titles after the jump. “Months ago, Nintendo … Continue reading

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Hacking the Nintendo Wii Console

Interesting discussion about the Game Cube and Wii security flaws. Video after the jump. “Interesting if not long-winded explanation of DVD Security on Nintendo’s Wii Cover’s everything from Nintendo’s original flaws in the Gamecubes copy protection and extensively covers the … Continue reading

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Wii Sports Pack

“In what’s likely to go down as the most heavily accessorized (and harmful) controller ever, Nintendo’s Wiimote sure is garnering a lot of attention from accessory makers. Sure, those Wii Gloves may keep butterfinger disasters from ever occurring, but they … Continue reading

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Under the hood of the Wii

Looks like the Wii is built quite well. “After a week of trying, I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Wii. After taking it for a test drive, I began the painstaking and somewhat frustrating disassembly process. Come along … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii Hardware Close Up

A good look at the Wii game system. Video after the jump. “IGN’s Matt Casamassina takes a detailed look at Nintendo’s next-gen console, the Wii. He runs through all the buttons, plugs, and slots to be had on the Wii, … Continue reading

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