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Johnny Lee demos cool Wii Remote hacks

TEDTalks Building sophisticated educational tools out of cheap parts, Johnny Lee demos his cool Wii Remote hacks, which turn the $40 videogame controller into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3D viewer. This talk is an amazing example of how … Continue reading

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WODE – Wii Optical Disc Emulator

This WODE module opens your Wii console to expand its possibilities. The module doesn’t need to be soldered in place, all you need to do is plug it in where the DVD-ROM drive normally plugs into. “Features: • Play Wii … Continue reading

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Gameboy Emulator on the Wii

Looks like there is now a way to play Gameboy games on the Wii. There are a few steps that you need to do but it looks like it would be worth it. Link “TWILIGHT HACKHOW-TO: RINWiiHOW-TO:…DOWNLOAD:…“

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Wii backup ISO loader

The following content is provided for information only. Circumvention of copy-protection for any purposes can be considered illegal in some Countries.

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Wii Homebrew Channel

The Wii Homebrew Channel is moving full speed ahead. Looks like we have lots of great things coming in the near future. “The Homebrew Channel is a channel for launching Wii homebrew applications without the need to run the Twilight … Continue reading

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100 Uses for the Wii

Virtual Hosting has put together a HUGE list of 100 things you can do with the Wii. See the first 10 below, read the full article for the remaining 90 uses. Homebrew: You can create games that are fit for … Continue reading

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Cynergy Labs Project Maestro uses a Wiimote for Screen Control

The guys over at Cynergy Labs built this system in about 8 days! It lets the user use their fingers to move items around. Video after the jump. “Project Maestro was produced by cynergy.labs, the R&D arm of Cynergy, a … Continue reading

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Here is the Fake Wii called the Vii

Just a matter of time… Here is the first knockoff Wii product. It is called the Vii. Videos after the jump. “Just in case you thought this whole Vii thing was one big prank, guess again. Our pals over at … Continue reading

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USB Storage Access on Nintendo Wii

The Wii gets a USB upgrade, this opens up the capability of the port in a good way. “We’ve been waiting to report on the USB storage abilities of the Nintendo Wii, today it finally came. The USB port you’ve … Continue reading

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Play the Wii on your next Norwegian Cruise

Cruise lines are known to pamper their guests, now Norwegian Cruise lines can add Wii gaming to the offering. “On each ship, Wii systems/setups will be located in the atrium and other public rooms allowing guests to gather and play … Continue reading

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