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Wii NxtBalance Robot Rolling

Have a look at this Wii NxtBalance Robot Rolling around. Looks like the Wiimote was made for this use! Link Via “What you need: * lego NXT with OSEK firmware and the NXTway-gs program loaded * a wiimote of course … Continue reading

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Wii Earth – Homebrew Program

Wii Earth allows you to browse the earth in great detail from the comfort of your Wii with your Wiimote. The results are just like Google Maps.

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Wiitar – Wiimote Guitar Build Log

You may remember the Wiitar that we featured before. Well the creator has made a build log of it so that we can see some behind the scenes creation of the musical device. “To fit the wiimote board inside the … Continue reading

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Hexapod is controlled by Wiimote

When you add a wiimote to a cool hexapod robot the results are great (if not a bit creepy). Link Via

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Webcam controlled by Wiimote Accelerometer

Here is a cool way to control your Webcam! With a flick of your wrist this camera is moved to the location you want. If you want more have a look at this other project that does something similar. Link … Continue reading

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Wiimote Controlled Coil Gun

If you need a way to protect your cubicle at work this Wiimote Controlled Coil Gun should fit the bill. Video after the jump. “In this setup I use a python script and MoteDaemeon to bring the events into my … Continue reading

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Heart LED kit controlled by a Wii Nunchuck

This LED heart was hacked so that it could be controlled by a Wii Nunchuck. Video after the jump. “Recently I ordered the kit for an OpenHeart: an LED panel in the shape of a heart that uses charlieplexing to … Continue reading

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Wiimote as a Level

Next time you are leveling a surface grab your wiimote instead of your spirit level! “Missing a spirit level at home, I decided to use the Wiimote as a replacement. Over time, this tool evolved to something more like a … Continue reading

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Stereo 3D Head Tracking using the Wiimote

We have see the cool head tracking using the wiimote that Johnny Lee designed. Mediacreator has taken that lead and took it farther. Now with either a stereo TV or some 3D glasses you can see the actual depth of … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality with Wiimote and IR LEDs

This project uses head tracking that we have seen before, but includes object tracking. This needs 2 Wiimotes and some IR LEDs but the results are great. “Three of the four LEDs are aligned in a line with only slightly … Continue reading

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