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“A Quadrocopter” – an unmanned automated Wiimote Robot

It is not new about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in military and civil community. These UAVs are widely being used for remote sensing applications including observation, exploration, mapping or inspection of areas, for taking agricultural pictures or traffic monitoring etc. … Continue reading

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Making A Hamburger Mii

How to make a Hamburger mii ! This is a really cool mii that you will never forget. Watch the series of videos below:      

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Nintendo Wii NES controller mod

David Dearden modded an original Nintendo NES Controller and a Wiimote. He was able to use the original Nintendo NES controller on the Nintendo Wii console. With this new Nintendo Wii NES controller mod you will definitely enjoy gamings and … Continue reading

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Amazing Technicolor Wii Case mod’s

Here’s an amazing look at some Nintendo Wii case mod’s by MisterXausDE featured with bright colored LEDs that can change colors. By applying his concept why not you brand your  Wii with the name itself. Really MisterXausDE did a great job … Continue reading

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