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Connect Wii Balance Board to Linux

Matt Cutts has developed a python program that allows a Linux computer to connect to a Wii Balance Board via blue tooth and display the results graphically in real time. Link “Each sensor returns 2 bytes of data and also … Continue reading

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Wii Motion Plus Hacked

Nintendo has added a new attachment for the Wiimote, it promises to add a new level of excitement to new Wii games. Link Via Via “we are able to create a 6 DOF IMU for under $40. Thanks Nintendo! Best … Continue reading

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Wii NxtBalance Robot Rolling

Have a look at this Wii NxtBalance Robot Rolling around. Looks like the Wiimote was made for this use! Link Via “What you need: * lego NXT with OSEK firmware and the NXTway-gs program loaded * a wiimote of course … Continue reading

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