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DIY Wiimote Zapper Gun

If you want to save some money why not make a Wii Zapper instead of buying one. “I made it from plastic acrylate sheets, but you could also make it from cardboard. A tip is to use cardboard from a … Continue reading

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Wii Zapper Gun Hack

All the Wii guns are functional and make the shooting games more fun but none of the guns are very realistic. This hack uses a more realistic gun to make playing Wii games more fun! Link “Playing shooters with the … Continue reading

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Nunchuck Controller Robot

With a simple adapter board the Wii Nunchuck can be connected to a microcontroller. When this is done you have full control of all the electronic signals that are available. What can be done? How about drive a robot! Video … Continue reading

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N64 in a Wii Case

It has been sold but you would be able to duplicate the results of this mod with a bit of effort. I wouldn’t recommend you do this to make a profit though since the mod sold on Ebay for only … Continue reading

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Wii Drum High

This cool hack allows you to enhance the function of your Wii by playing the drums on it! The Wiimote accelerometers are used to read in the user gestures and turn it into music. Link “Wii Drum High integrates all … Continue reading

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