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Mod the D2B Wii – This model has missing chip pins

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Wiimote Colt 45 Hack

If you are looking for a more realistic Wiimote Gun, why not build it out of solid steel? That is exactly what Flame500 has done. “Ever since I heard about the wiimote’s camera based aiming system I thought “wow that … Continue reading

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Read Wii Nunchuck Data with an Arduino

If you are interested in reading the raw Nunchuck data for a project, the code provided here can help you do that using an Arduino microcontroller. “With a little hacking, data can be read from a wii nunchuck directly into … Continue reading

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Wiimote Swing – Dance Text onto your Montor

The Wiimote Swing by Erik Loyer is an interesting way to display text on your screen. Video after the jump. “Enter your text and hit the Home button on the remote. Then, hold the Wiimote sideways, with the D-pad on … Continue reading

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Wiimote Nintendo Gun Mod

The Nintendo Gun provided a better point and shoot mechanism than the add on modules that are available for the Wiimote. This hack allows you to adapt one of the original Nintendo Guns to work with the Wiimote. Since the … Continue reading

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