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Dog Plays Wii Sports

Wow, I have seen lots of talented dogs, but this is the first one I have seen who plays the Wii. Videos after the jump

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Controlling Doepfer modular synth with a Wiimote

Why not make music with your wiimote! “This video is about controlling a modular synth with Nintendo’s wiimote gamepad, using Doepfer A-100, Doepfer MCV24, Wiimote and computer. Softwares used are Bluesoleil, Glovepie and midiox. This video is not an artistic … Continue reading

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Cyclowiz Wii Modchip Install Video

The following content is provided for information only. Circumvention of copy-protection for any purposes can be considered illegal in some Countries.

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Interview with Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee has been featured here many times for all of his Wiimote hacks. If you want to learn more about him, have a look at this Interview with Johnny Lee over at Hacked Gadgets. AP: Your Wii projects have … Continue reading

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Wiimote Horse

Here are the steps to use a horse to play a video game by using a wiimote to capture your actions. Video after the jump. “1. Buy, Beg, Borrow Steal a Spring Horse 2. Install Blue tooth adapter HW & … Continue reading

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Wii Nunchuck Controlled Robot uses Arduino Microcontroller

A quick hack and allows a Nintendo Nunchuck to control this RC Robot. Video after the jump. “I connected a Wii Nunchuck controller to an Arduino, which takes the data from the controller’s I2C data bus, decodes it, and send … Continue reading

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3D Head Tracking using a Wiimote

Wow, this is a cool use of the Wiimote! Leave it to Johnny Lee to keep dreaming up cool uses for it. Video after the jump. “Using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar … Continue reading

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Cynergy Labs Project Maestro uses a Wiimote for Screen Control

The guys over at Cynergy Labs built this system in about 8 days! It lets the user use their fingers to move items around. Video after the jump. “Project Maestro was produced by cynergy.labs, the R&D arm of Cynergy, a … Continue reading

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