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Here is the Fake Wii called the Vii

Just a matter of time… Here is the first knockoff Wii product. It is called the Vii. Videos after the jump. “Just in case you thought this whole Vii thing was one big prank, guess again. Our pals over at … Continue reading

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Wiimote Virtual Reality – 3D Computer Manipulation

The standard Wii Remote is converted into a natural tool to interact with a 3D virtual reality environment. Video after the jump. “Movie showing how to hack a Wii controller to track its absolute position and orientation in space using … Continue reading

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Wiimote Lego Tank Surveillance Robot

This robot is connected to a computer and the Wiimote is used to drive it around, the robot mounted camera is used to see that the robot is looking at. Video after the jump. ‚ÄúThis robot is composed of Legos … Continue reading

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