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Blue Tunes – Wii Music Remote Control

What is better than having a huge music collection on your computer? A music collection that can be accessed via you Wiimote! Link “BlueTunes is a program that will allow you to use the Nintendo remote (Wiimote) as a remote … Continue reading

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Wiimote Car Acceleration Monitoring

No need for expensive acceleration monitoring hardware when you can simply strap a Wiimote in for the ride. “I got this idea after seeing some physics class use the wiimote in some kinda pendulum experiment. Why not use the wiimote’s … Continue reading

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Wiimote LED Hack

Here is a hack to add an LED to your Wiimote, it isn’t in English but it is quite easy to follow the video to see what is going on. If someone wants to leave a bit of translation in … Continue reading

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Wiimote LED Rumble Mod

No details, but this Wiimote LED Rumble Mod looks quite good. It could be as simple as connecting an LED accross the power that goes to the rumble motor. Link Via

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