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Wiimote Door Unlock System

Here is an interesting use of the Nintendo Wiimote, who needs keys when you have a Wiimote! “DIY doorlock system via FreeBSD6.2 + Bluetooth HID stack + libpasori. To authenticate a user, this system uses MAC addr(FeliCa IDm/NFCID2 or Bluetooth … Continue reading

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Wiimote Controlled Robotic Segment

Obijuancube from Spain has come up with an interesting Wiimote controlled contraption. Video after the jump.

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Wii Drive Doctor

Modify your Wii data on the fly with the Drive Doctor! It connects to the Wii via some solder connections and to your PC with a USB cable. “Drive Doctor connects to your PC via a high speed USB (cable … Continue reading

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The Wii Games that never made it

So the Wii is a big hit and there are tons on titles being released for the console. This video shows some that didn’t make the cut. 🙂 Video after the jump.

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