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Easy Solder Wii Mod Chip

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Wiimote-Controlled Wi-Fi Bot

Here is another example of a Wiimote controlled robot. This one looks fun to drive! Video after the jump.

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Wiimote Controlled Robot Arm

Using the worlds largest sensor bar and a wiimote this robot arm can move to any spot in 3D space. Video after the jump. “Video of a MiniMover 5 robot arm controlled by a Nintendo Wiimote. The arm and control … Continue reading

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Wii Case Mod

This is a cool non-stock Wii console. There will be more of these when the Wii shortage has been cleared up. “Yes, that’s actually a modified SNES. Kotomi decided to give his SNES/Super Famicom new life by transforming it into … Continue reading

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