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Sega Genesis Wii Controller Hack

Mod a Sega Genesis to play on your Wii! “This project is the fruit of my labors, allowing you to use your old Sega genesis controller with the wireless receiver designed by Mark Feldman. For this project I used a … Continue reading

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Wiimote Sport Cuff

Keep your wiimote out of the big screen TV with this Wii Cuff. “After one month of having its customers injuring themselves in Wii-related accidents, last December Nintendo started replacing the Wii remote strap with one that was more durable … Continue reading

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Wii Flash

Here is a cool way to control your Flash games using a wiimote. Video after the jump. “WiiFlash allows you to control your Flash games and applications with the revolutionary Wiimote. It supports multiple Wiimotes, IR bar and Nunchuk and … Continue reading

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LEGO Wii Console

Anything can be made from LEGO including the next gen consoles. “There is no truer, geekier homage than reconstructing an object of desire in Lego form, so we weren’t surprised to find Brickshelf member, “suu” recreating a Wii with Legos. … Continue reading

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Wii Key Mod Chip Step By Step Installation

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WiiHelm – the Wiimote Helmet

Get you game on and strengthen your neck muscles at the same time. 🙂 Video after the jump. “The Nintendo Wii has surely revolutionized gaming as we know it. Rabid fanboys everywhere are now flailing their arms in delight as … Continue reading

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USB Storage Access on Nintendo Wii

The Wii gets a USB upgrade, this opens up the capability of the port in a good way. “We’ve been waiting to report on the USB storage abilities of the Nintendo Wii, today it finally came. The USB port you’ve … Continue reading

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Play the Wii on your next Norwegian Cruise

Cruise lines are known to pamper their guests, now Norwegian Cruise lines can add Wii gaming to the offering. “On each ship, Wii systems/setups will be located in the atrium and other public rooms allowing guests to gather and play … Continue reading

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WiigoBot – Perfect score Wii Bowling Robot

Wii bowling is one of my favorite Wii Sports games but getting a strike can be challenging. This robot can consistently bowl strikes one after another. Video after the jump. “You are looking at a Wii Remote mounted on a … Continue reading

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Turn Your TV into a Media Center using the Nintendo Wii

Want a media center PC? If you have a Wii all you need is some software. “Wow Wii — All your media on your TV To ensure you have the best MyCasting experience, we have developed some simple guidelines and … Continue reading

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