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Wii TV Protection

Not sure about the look, but it would definitely protect your investment. “It’s basically a photo of something I intend on doing for my Wii Setup as soon as possible. Too many of my friends scare me with how close … Continue reading

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Wiimote LEGO Rubber Band Gun

The wiimote can be used to control this LEGO rubber band gun. Video after the jump. “I used lego mindstorms nxt to create a rubber band gun turret. I then used bluetooth to connect my wii-mote to my computer. I … Continue reading

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Funny Wii Fan Video – Hold On Tight! 2

Remember the first video, watch the second one after the jump! “I must admit at one point when we were outpacing most of the Superbowl spots [online] we had this fantasy that someone was going to call from Nintendo or … Continue reading

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Wiimote Controlled LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot

Use your Wiimote and a phone to control a LEGO robot. Video after the jump. “Control a LEGO NXT mindstorms robot with your Nintendo WiiMote and a S60 3rd edition phone.”

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Solar Powered Wii

Play your Wii with no power plugs around. “Tom’s Hardware Guide recently built a mobile Wii station, complete with an HD monitor, that’s powered in part by a solar energy (check out the Tom’s Workshop video of the project). It’s … Continue reading

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Looper for Wii Controller

Get your beat on with this software. Video after the jump. “The wireless, Bluetooth-based Wii controller is fast becoming the music control hardware of choice. The latest addition: Yann Seznec’s Wii Loop Machine, a free, Wii-controller looper for Macs. The … Continue reading

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Crome your Wii Case

This chrome Wii case is a real head turner! “Console mod shop XCMLiVE is now offering a chrome case mod for the Nintendo Wii. The case is a complete replacement shell kit that covers all sides of the Wii and … Continue reading

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Tools to open a Wii

Here is all you need to crack open lots of things, like the Wii. “There’s nothing like a nice set of screwdrivers to make a person feel special, and the only thing better than an array of differently sized Phillips-head … Continue reading

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Play your Wii on a PSP

Who says you can’t use the PSP to play the Wii. These kids show off their stuff. Video after the jump. “A great video of a kid making his PSP play Wii games using Sony’s Location Free player. Sure, it’s … Continue reading

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Classic Wii Controller LED Mod

Here is a simple way to jazz up your Wii classic controller with some LEDs. “Classic Controller LED mod this mod is for puting led under the sticks What you’ll need: one classic Controller A Triwing Screwdriver wire snippers or … Continue reading

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