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Wii Computer on Ebay

Looks like a cool machine, but it is expensive!! More pictures after the jump. “Ebay user thef1ea has done something that is downright cool. In taking a Wii and fitting it into a PC tower, thef1ea has created a PC-Wii … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii Phone?

Is there going to be more Wii items available in the near future? Possibilities are quite good that there might be… “According to rumors, Nintendo are planning to release the Nintendo Wii Phone. The company may see it as an … Continue reading

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Wiimote Gun Mod

This mod might make the wiimote easier to hang onto. “While a few may be modding their Wii controllers to a tennis racket or a golf club, now, even the Wiimote can be used as a gun! Specific details on … Continue reading

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Wii OS

If you can’t afford the Wii just make your computer emulate one. Video after the jump. “here it is, a longer video of my program, “Wii OS”. this time showing more games and more things it has in it. if … Continue reading

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Wii: Hold on Tight Commercial

Not an official Nintendo video, but it is the best one we have seen. Video after the jump. “Here is an extremely well-done Wii video, that you might take for an official Nintendo commercial until the, say, last 3 seconds. … Continue reading

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Wiinja, the Wii Ninja

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DJ with the WiiJ using the Wiimote

Move over DJ turn table and say hello to the DJ WiiJ. Video after the jump. “Welcome to DJ Wiij. The first and original djing website dedicated to using Nintendo Wiimotes. As much of a gimmick this looks like, it … Continue reading

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Wii Steering Wheel

Drive a car with the Wiimote and some creative cardboard. “Okay, here’s a great idea for making your wii controller into a Wii steering wheel if you don’t want to get too excited and break your nice 60″ HDTV by … Continue reading

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