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Control you 360 using a Wiimote

Who says that the X-box 360 can’t be controlled with a Wiimote? Video after the jump. “It demonstrate a sample Xbox 360 XNA project pulling data from a wii-remote. As demoed in the video, it can read the buttons, IR … Continue reading

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Wireless Retro Controllers for Wii

Play the Wii using an old school retro controller. Video after the jump. “This site contains the details for my first ever mod, a wireless hack for SNES and NES controllers that is also compatible with the GameCube/Wii controller ports. … Continue reading

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Wiimote Controlled Lego NXT Robot

LEGO and Wii hardware make a nice combination. Video after the jump. “As many of you may already know, the Wiimote can be hacked to control just about anything — including a house and R/C car. In this video, you’ll … Continue reading

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Top 5 Wiimote Hacks

Here is our top 5 list of cool things to do with your Nintendo Wiimote. Got others that should be in the list? Post them in the comments.

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Chocolate Wiimote and Nunchuck

Looks like anything can be made from chocolate! “It’s a bit late for Valentine’s Day, but this was just too cool to pass up. Plus, if you’re adventurous, it could be a nice wholesome President’s Day long weekend activity. Flickr … Continue reading

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Build a Wireless Wii Sensor Bar for FREE

If you have some old remotes laying around you can build a Wii sensor bar with them. More pictures after the jump. “My brother borrowed my Wii and brought it back without the sensor bar PLUS when I take my … Continue reading

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Hacking the Nintendo Wii Console

Interesting discussion about the Game Cube and Wii security flaws. Video after the jump. “Interesting if not long-winded explanation of DVD Security on Nintendo’s Wii Cover’s everything from Nintendo’s original flaws in the Gamecubes copy protection and extensively covers the … Continue reading

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Wii Laptop Part 3 – Final Assembly

The final assembly of the Wii laptop. More pictures after the jump. “Ok, we’re back again for the thrilling conclusion of how-to make your own Wii laptop! In today’s final installment we’ll cut the case for the laptop, install all … Continue reading

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Wiip – Open Source Wii Mod Chip

The following content is provided for information only. Circumvention of copy-protection for any purposes can be considered illegal in some Countries.

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Wire Placement Hack For Wii Classic Controller

Customize the cord position on your controller with this mod. “If you’re one of those people who have whined about the position of the cord on the Classic Controller for the Wii and just can’t stand having it dangle down, … Continue reading

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