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WiiBot – sword-wielding, tennis-playing, WiiMote-controlled, friendly robot

I can see this cool robot creating the first Wiimote related death… But in all seriousness what a great job interfacing the controller to an industrial arm! Video after the jump. “Brian and I were talking in his office a … Continue reading

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Make a Wii laptop (part 1)

Here is the first part of the Wii Laptop build. More pictures after the jump. “Last week we showed Ben Heckendorn’s Wii laptop to the world (as I speak of myself in the third person). In today’s How-To, part 1 … Continue reading

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Wii Safety Video

This must be watched to ensure the safe operation of the Wii is maintained at all times. 🙂 Video after the jump. “Wii wants to make sure you handle your Wii-mote properly.”

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Hack to Play Zelda on Laptop Using a Wiimote

More examples of the Wiimote used on a computer. Video after the jump. “In this video, a modder uses a Wiimote controller, Project64, GlovePIE, a homemade sensor bar, and a Bluetooth USB dongle to play Zelda Ocarina of Time.”

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Play the Wii on a 1.5 Inch Screen

Cool setup, but it doesn’t look like fun… Video after the jump.

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Wii Laptop

Ben Heckendorn has made a Wii Laptop! Video after the jump. “It’s the Wii laptop! We spent the last few weeks (including much time spent over the holidays evading relatives) slaving over this bad boy and finally it’s complete. Check … Continue reading

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Medical Wiimote Reporting a CT Scan

The Wiimote may find some uses in the medical field! Video after the jump. “wii remote interfaced with glovepie gives to the research community a new type of human interface device. Interfacing this awesome object with intelligent key bindings, you … Continue reading

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Multi Color A Button Mod

Jazz up the A Button of your Wiimote. Video after the jump. “Yea so I had this idea long before I even did my previous mod. I already know that there is a mod out there that is a blue … Continue reading

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Charge the Wiimote using USB

Charge your Wiimote using USB. “Rechargeable battery, via ipod battery. Added Power Button Light Charge via USB through stock Wii Dongle. There is more i am leaving out. Right towards me putting it all back together, I can name about … Continue reading

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Wiimote Handcufs

We all know about the Wiimote strap issue. Problem solved. 🙂 See the Nintendo solution after the jump, not as impressive. “Well I was worried about my Strap get loose, so I modified a little something just to make sure … Continue reading

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